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A complete automated UAE-WPS (Wage Protection System) and UAE-FTS (Fund Transfer System) solution for Exchange Houses and NBFC's in the UAE.

The system has the options for a complete Straight Through Processing or a maker / checker assisted transactions and verifications. Both the solution completely adheres to the guidelines laid by UAE Central Bank. The solution has been running successfully at many sites, with most of them integrated to their core application. By integrating with their core application, it helps the Operation and Finance department of the respective organization to have more accurate information of their operation and financial position at point of time.

Features of the application

•   Define Users & Privileges
•   Manual File Upload ( Maker / Checker )
•   Integration with core application
•   Manual Entry Screen
•   Upload format in Excel
•   File validation as per UAEFTS format
•   Pending transactions on Dashboard
•   Details of pending on Dashboard
•   Files are automatically uploaded and downloaded from CB SFTP server
•   Monitors CB SFTP server for any new messages
•   Central Banks reports
•   Transaction reports

Money Exchange & Remittance

Money Exchange and Remittance application are complex application, because of its financial nature of the transaction. Any good application takes time to mature. We have an application which has matured for over a decade and has been implemented at several exchange houses. During this period, the application has been refined, fine tuned, new business and market requirement studied, feedback and features requested from existing customers were all built into the application. Hence, it is widely used among the Money Exchange Companies in various part of the globe as it meets their total money exchange and remittance business requirements.

Money Exchange operations and Accounting procedures are distinctly diverse and call for stringent management controls and thorough scrutiny by government agencies. Unlike other business, periodic reporting to Central Bank is mandatory. Several powerful and differentiating features make the solution one of the most comprehensive, flexible and scalable solution in its class.

The solution stands strong with its security oriented facilities and addresses most of the business needs and complex issues faced by money exchange houses, with easy and integrity, thus ensuring easy management of the business.

Some of the salient features of the application are

•    Local Monetary Agency Reports with a Click of button
•    AML and Black List Integration
•    Easy and simple Counter Operations for faster completion of customer transaction.
•    Entity-wise Data Management and Inter Branch Operations
•    Bank Reconciliation and Inter Branch Reconciliation
•    Local Monetary Agency Daily Reporting Upload
•    Interfaces with various Banks across the Globe
•    Strong Back-Office Operations and MIS Reporting
•    Strong Security Features
•    Multi-Approval Mechanism
•    Double Check-In Logic on Mission Critical Areas
•    Membership Loyalty Card
•   Integrated HR module

Major Modules

•    Remittance
•    Demand Drafts
•    Foreign Currency Operations
•    Travelers Cheque
•    Payments against Credit Cards
•    Membership Cards
•    Bank Links
•    Conversion of data to third party software
•    UAE Salary Payment System
•    Fixed Asset Management
•   Human Resource with PRO module

Anti Money Laundering

Growing regulatory pressures and the increasing speed and sophistication of money laundering schemes have put financial institutions reputational and monetary risk exposure at an all-time high. Our Anti-Money Laundering monitors transactions for suspicious behavior. The solution uses advanced analytics and multiple detection methods to uncover illicit activity to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of investigations.


•   Reduce AML compliance costs.
•   Monitor more transactions and risks in less time.
•   Improve the quality and accuracy of alerts.
•   Enhance the speed and effectiveness of investigations.
•   Reassess and reclassify risk profiles as needed.


•   Data management
•   Suspicious activity monitoring and reporting
•   Customer Due Diligence / Know Your Customer classification
•   Watch-list matching
•   Investigation / Alert management
•   Compliance analytics
•   Integrated Case Management
•   Regulatory report generation

Trading, Manufacturing & Contracting

Business today cannot thrive without effective information management. Managers equipped with effective, up-to-date information often beat the competition. In order to provide an integrated system to manage information and resources of business houses, this total enterprise solution has a complete integrated accounting module. Our solution can be quickly configured and implemented in any industry or business and can be easily customized.

Our Trading solution is a full-customizable, scalable Enterprise Solution for Trading, Manufacturing, Contracting, Automobile Trading and Workshop sector.

It supports Multi-Company, Multi-Location, Multi-Currency with its Centralized Structure and Consolidation at the End-Level MIS Reporting. The application can be configured and implemented within couple of days. It can be customized to suit the customer requirements and is scalable to Add and Integrate new modules as the company and its requirement grows.

Some of the salient features of the application are

•   POS Solution for retail outlets
•   Integration of Remote Branch and/or Warehouse by taking advantage of latest Networking techniques
•   Barcode Integration for Inventory Control and accurate Stock Management
•   Workshop / Service Modules based on Job Costing concepts
•   Integrated HR module as per UAE Labor Laws and regulatory
•   Additional modules like Costing, Fixed Assets, Bank Reconciliation and Budgeting
•   Integrated Accounts Management with the modules offered
•   Stock, Product, Sales, Purchase Management and related MIS Reports
•   Extensive Administration control and Enterprise Security of Modules and Transactions

Major Modules

•   Accounting
•   Sales / Export Management
•   Point of Sales
•   Purchase / Import Management
•   L/C Handling
•   PDC Handling
•   Service Sector Management

The Trading application can also be integrated with another comprehensive HR application covering the entire requirement for a Small-to-Medium enterprise.

Real Estate & Property Management

Real estate and Property Management application fulfills the long-standing requirement of the Real Estate sector. This solution encompasses the various aspects of Real Estate business.

Whatever your activity, whether Buying, Selling, Leasing, Renting, or Sub-letting, it has covered them all. With entry level transactions done, the system automatically calculates and posts various accounting entries and gives status reports and financial statements. The system has been perfected in such a way that our solution is the ultimate information management system available today for Real Estate market. We are sure your search for dependable software will end with our solution.

Some of the salient features of the solution are

•   A totally Integrated Solution for handling accounts and operational activities of Real Estate business.
•   Extensive options for PDC Handling
•   Efficient management of building handover & takeover procedure.
•   Wide range of Graphical Analysis reports for management information.
•   Easy customization to suit specific requirements
•   Modular system with masters for buildings, property, landlords and tenants.
•   All encompassing transaction screens and accounting and reporting modules.

Major Modules

•   Building Takeover
•   Property Availability
•   Property Rental / Renewal
•   Contract Allocation
•   Contract Termination
•   Contract Expiry
•   Contract Settling
•   Building Handover
•   Maintenance
•   Renewal Letter
•   Automated Revenue Transfer

Testing Software

To use automated software testing tool that allows users to automate any type of testing. Powerful GUI based recording capabilities and a no-programming required user interface allows testers to quickly set up even complex test cases. A built-in editor allows users to build tests that can be easily edited to allow for changes in the test cases.

Document Expiry Alert Reminder

This application will assist the organization in giving Advanced Alerts of Company and its Employee?s ID or Documents which are about to expire. This will help organization, well in advance, to prepare for re-new of ID or Documents and thereby avoiding penalties. SMART Alert also helps to store all the current or previous Company or Employees documents as image or file. It serves as e-Filing of your company and employees Document and ID and its details.

Customer Relationship Management -CRM

nTireCRM is a 100% web based Customer Relationship / Incident / Lead Management System helps enterprise corporates from diversified verticals viz. Banking, Insurance, Retail, Financial Services, Securities, Health Care, Manufacturing and others. nTireCRM is the unique solution that addresses the needs of Sales & Marketing, Customer Service, Business Intelligence, Call Centre, Back Office, Product Management, Business Process Management, IT and other departments that are either directly connected to Customers and needs information on the customers and their transactions.

nTireCRM helps in right from KYC Process, Confirmation & Process fulfilment of Customer Acquisition with necessary workflow, Managing Priority Customers, Customer Incident Management (Interaction Management) from multiple Channels including Email / Web / Walk-in, External Agencies, Postal , SMS with workflow depending on Channel.

nTireCRM is 100% Audit Trail Enabled and is Unicode based Multi- Lingual Compliant. nTireCRM offers enriched Business Dashboards and Reports of Graphical and Data that provides real-time visibility of all activities pertaining to CRM in addition to analytics for sustainable business goals. nTireCRM is tightly integrated with SMS & Email.

Lead Management System

nTireLeads'one of the most innovative and intelligent Lead Management Solution helps large enterprises in man-aging every aspect of their Lead Generation, Lead Tracking and Lead Conversion Processes. nTireLeads is a 100% Web Based Solution that is accessible over Internet, Intranet and any other networks. nTireLeads is accessible with your Tablets, iPADs, Smart Phones, Laptops, Desktops irrespective of their configurations / operating systems. Fur-ther nTireLeads is certified to work across all browsers including IE, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Default Mobile Browser etc.

nTireLeads is designed with best practices & controls which will result into reduced operational cost, improved re-sponse levels and increased sales for the enterprise. nTireLeads can collate leads from multiple channels including Web Leads, SMS Leads, Database Leads, Walk-in Leads, Enterprise wide Leads, Cross-Sell / Up-Sell Leads and referral Leads and allocation happens based on the channel & product using the workflow management system. Allocation can to the Call Center to the sales team or managers. "SmartLeads? - an award winning concept of nTireLeads helps in collating leads for a campaign / Road show from all the possible channels (one time or incremental) to run SMS / Email campaigns by the sales team itself. Based on the responses of the customers (auto-tracking of responses), Leads are further progressed based on the work-flow settings. Templates can be designed or imported from HTML designs within mouse clicks.

Document Management Management System

nTireDMS?one of the most intelligent & innovative document management system helps in standardizing information sharing process like SOPs, MIS Reports, Business Plans, Product Profiles, Customer related information, project documents, proposals, contracts, employee records, policies and procedures, manuals and guides, reports etc. that are created daily and continue to grow day by day. This growth brings about common problems like lost documents, unmanageable folders and security definitions, outdated or expired information, the use of outdated versions, ineffective document naming and storage issues and more.

nTireDMS is a 100% web based, highly scalable, complete solution for managing / publishing all your documents / circulars / processes electronically. nTireDMS enables you to quickly, efficiently and securely manage documents of any type. With nTireDMS you can share the documents with highest security, track their reviews & comments. Quick and Advanced Search of Documents, Edit (with version (check-in/out) and audit trail), and Approval for release etc., makes your Document Publishing and Managing Process simple and standardized. Access Control List enhances Document protection which prevents download of documents, copying of documents and even screen shot disabling based on the settings. nTireDMS can classify, categorize and index all the uploaded documents for faster search and view. With nTireDMS you can reduce maintenance, man power and distribution cost while improving the better presentation and response time.

Computerised Asset Management System -CAMS

nTireCAMS - Computerized Asset Management and Computerized Maintenance Management Software is one of most advanced solution available in the market for managing any type objects viz. Fixed Assets, Plant Machineries, Virtual Assets etc. nTireCAMS is developed with an objective to manage the Assets with minimum efforts, to ensure High Availability and Lower Operational Cost. More than 100+ man years of experience made nTireCAMS readily deployable for any Industry.

nTireCAMS can be deployed within 4 weeks and has inbuilt engines for uploading existing Assets quickly. nTireCAMS has also got Barcode generation utility with which Barcodes can be generated and printed. nTireCAMS is RFID and Bar-code compliant for tracking the assets.

nTireCAMS is 100% web based solution and is accessible across your LAN, WAN, Intranet, and Internet. Being a web-based ,n-tier product maintenance of nTireCAMS is a seamless / easy process. nTireCAMS can be accessed across any Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, iPADs, Smart Phones irrespective of their Operating System. nTireCAMS is also Certified for access from any Standard Browsers like IE, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Default Mobile Browsers etc.

Legal Management System

nTireLegal is an unique 100% Web based Corporate Legal Management system that will optimize the legal department?s capabilities and also ensure the efficient work flow of the departments. nTireLegal helps in maintaining the uniformity of data, reduce time lag and in general allow effective control and monitoring of all legal affairs as per global standards. Central Office Legal Department will have overall control over all the litigations handled so that the status of any case at any point of time will be available at fingertips.

nTireLegal completely manages all the Static Documents, Workflow based Documents Legal Cases & Matters concerned in a single view, using the best technology and delivering value to the customers.

nTireLegal helps in creation & managing of all entities the corporate like Employees, Customers, Properties, Departments, Government Agencies, Partners, Distributors etc., and is tuned to handle any type of litigation like business, administrative, tax, and any other legal risks arising out of these entities. nTireLegal has well defined configurable workflow system that helps right from legal opinion on documents to litigation of cases & matters. nTireLegal is a self-intuitive system with zero learning curve for users across Branches.

nTireLegal is accessible across all devices like iPAD, Tablets, Smart Phones, Laptops and PCs. nTireLegal is certified for access across all standard browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Default Mobile Browsers etc.

Knowledge, Training, Assessment

nTireKTA is an easy to use, unique combination of Knowledgebase, e-Training and Online Assessment Portal. nTireKTA is an ideal system for training companies, Auditing Firms, Knowledge Processing Companies, Large Enterprises, and small and medium?sized businesses. nTireKTA uses the solid back-bone of nTireOffice for managing Back Office functionalities including Master Data, User Management, Audit Trail, Reporting, Workflow etc.

nTireKTA allows you to create courses and curriculum based on performance goals, career and succession plans, organizational development and compliance objectives, or for individual, personal development. Plus, it ensures you have records, reports and insight to meet government and industry-specific regulatory compliance needs. nTireKTA is accessible across all devices like IPADs, Tablets, Smart Phones, Laptops and PCs.


InstiView - is an innovative and intelligent, one of a kind interactive statement specifically designed and delivered for Banking, Financial Services, Insurance and Securities companies.

InstiView - delivers Password Protected Credit Card Statements, Bank Account Statements, Finance Statements, Mutual Fund Statements, Equity & Related Statements and any other similar statements to the customers with LIVE and INTERACTIVE actions delivered through the latest HTML 5.0, and hence make it guaranteed access across all gadgets and devices.

Single statement for multiple relationships of customers across different products. There can be multiple dashboards and tabs for viewing various information like Relationship Summary, Options for communicating back to the bank from the PDF file, viewing of Quick links, call center details, Statement for that period with search option, Rewards & Loyalty points, e-Vouchers with Barcode and Print Option etc. Intelligent Search that enables the customers to search across all accounts & relationships and delivers results which is quite difficult (sometimes impossible!) to accomplish even at a core system level.

The Admin Module of InstiView helps you in managing & tracking the generation and delivery options. Customers can just an email / SMS from their registered Number or Email and system will send the Statement within seconds. Further all the Reports / Statements can be password protected aiming at larger securities. Data is 128 bit encrypted such that source cannot be viewed or hacked.

InstiView is capable of pulling data from multiple sources irrespective of the RDBMS or DWH and BI already available with the corporate. InstiView is one of the important delivery channels without any need for changing the current investments. InstiView ensures multi-fold Return on Investment (RoI) as InstiView is a Powerful Direct Sales & Cross Sell Tool. With the ?Click & Call Back? facility, even at Mid-night customers can make just a click on a button towards queries or sales interest and would be called back at his convenient time from the Corporate there by not loosing the customer in terms of both service and sales.

Further InstiView is a powerful tool that is capable of generating personalized Statements with targeted marketing campaigns which will result into best ever sales possible.

InstiView Changes the way how the MIS Reports been viewed by Top Management all these days. No need to run into Hundreds of pages of report pulled out of DWH / BI Tools. Often finding required information easily and quickly is a challenge at their convenient time offline. Now InstiView is the offline Business Intelligence Dashboard such that any information can be easily and readily viewable even on Flights or during travels??.

Web Based School Management

We have observed that in the education sector, teachers handle more than 60% of the administrative works of the school. Starting from the admission to result preparation, most of the teachers spend more than 30-40% of their time in administrative tasks of the school. As an outcome teachers can not deliver their 100% to students. On the second end, teachers are very less in all organization and as a matter of fact a school can not afford two separate staff for academic and administrative needs. As long as eMLi is there a school will never need to allocate separate staff for both activities. eMLi will provide easy to operate administrative environment where there is no duplication. Hence, teachers can save most of their time from administrative works. So, teachers will be less engaged in the administrative works so students will get more from the teachers.

The software is designed to facilitate management of the school to obtain extraordinary outputs. The single window system can easier the management of the administrative tasks upto a great extent. For student improvement and skill development, the system will provide different Statistical reports for certain criteria which can be beneficial to both student and teacher for aggregate growth of the organisation. The eMLi encompasses diversified working of each aspects of school on an integrated data sharing environment.

The application is 100% web based system developed in PHP. You can access the software over Internet or LAN through any Internet Browser from anywhere in the world.

eMLi gives you freedom to work in your own regional language. eMLi uses UTF-8fonts through which you can add, view and edit the contents in your language.

You can use most advance hardware and equipments in your daily routine with eMLi. eMLi provides you a great flexibility to integration of RFID, Bar-Code, QR-Code and GPS like technologies.

Web Based College Campus Management

Focusing on the present scenario of the Higher Education across the globe, eMLi delivers a diversified output on all the aspects of College Management. The entire higher education is facing fund-cut, faculties deficit and resource limitation in all over the world. Providing best education environment with the best available resources is the biggest challenge of the Higher Education. eMLi has become the only solution to address all the need of Higher Education by providing single point administration environment which brings Students, Faculties and Management under one umbrella. eMLi has the most significant features which will enhance the productivity of the organization without addition in all deficit aspects.

Keeping in mind the basic fundamentals of the Higher Education eMLi is a powerful tool which will be useful to all the entities of the education. Unlike School, the College environment is completely different. Anybody who gains an education beyond college has the opportunity for upward social mobility. A college degree is a great way to get a foot in the door at many respectable businesses. eMLi is designed to provide an equal importance to the student to provide a growing environment for students' hidden capabilities. Unlike Schools, the parents are not so concern about the presence and absence of their child. Parents are more involved in the overall development of their child. eMLi provides a unique interface for parents to regularly monitor their child's activities and progress.

eMLi provides an interface where management can integrate latest technologies without constraint to the system level issues. eMLi is compatible with most of the latest technologies e.g. RFID, Bar-Code, QR-Code and GPS. The management can implement these technologies for better implementation of the rules.

The application is 100% web based system developed in PHP. You can access the software over Internet or LAN through any Internet Browser from anywhere in the world.

eMLi gives you freedom to work in your own regional language. eMLi uses UTF-8fonts through which you can add, view and edit the contents in your language.

You can use most advance hardware and equipments in your daily routine with eMLi. eMLi provides you a great flexibility to integration of RFID, Bar-Code, QR-Code and GPS like technologies.

Web Based SUniversity Management

Knowledge is the only power of this era. Good Specialization is needed everywhere in the industry. University education provides us with useful skills and living experience for having a good opportunities in the future. Having a higher education has become essential for survival for everyone. Every Government in the world promotes higher education by making provision in funds, providing special treatment to the institution and through different initiatives. Institution of higher education has the power to shape the future of the nation. Even after the systematic initiative form the Government and different funding organization the quality of the education is not increasing somehow. We have studied different university structure and working pattern and concluded that the absence of an integrated and comprehensive university management system is the root cause of the underdevelopment in most cases.

eMLi:com-net provides a great strength to University to apply advanced student-oriented facilities such as Online Admission, Online Resource Sharing and Information Kiosk. The interaction of the student to the University Administrative Departments can be minimized by providing some online facilities which can be beneficial to the students. eMLi provides a unique interface for the students where students can perform their specific work in connection to the university e.g. Apply For Specific Certificate, Pay Fees, Get Some Information etc...

Communicating with college and data exchange is the biggest challenges for any University. eMLi will provide a great communication bridge between University and College where the data collection part of the university will automatically be eliminated. On the other hand, Colleges will be having a data sharing environment where they need not to work separately to generate, compile and produce the required data in a specific format given time-by-time by University.

For the University Administrative Staff, eMLi:com-net will reduce the repeating work to 40%. Hence, the administrative staff can be utilize in the development of the university. eMLi:com-net will provide Business Intelligent Reports and Projection Reports which can be used for the better decision making. eMLi is compatible with most of the latest technologies e.g. RFID, Bar-Code, QR-Code and GPS. The management can implement these technologies for better implementation of the rules.

The application is 100% web based system developed in PHP. You can access the software over Internet or LAN through any Internet Browser from anywhere in the world.

eMLi gives you freedom to work in your own regional language. eMLi uses UTF-8fonts through which you can add, view and edit the contents in your language.

You can use most advance hardware and equipments in your daily routine with eMLi. eMLi provides you a great flexibility to integration of RFID, Bar-Code, QR-Code and GPS like technologies.

Human Resource Management

The Human Resource application has been developed as per Labor laws, and can be further customized according to the customer requirement if there is any diversification. The solution along with your company's Human Resource requirement, it also serves your PRO requirements as a whole. The HR solution can also be deployed as an independent product considering the security and sensitivity of the information it holds.

Some of the salient features of the application are

•   Developed as per local Labor Laws and can be customized further
•   Integrated with PRO and HR requirements together
•   Pre-Alert System about Employee's Documents Expiry like Passport, VISA, Labor Card etc
•   Pre-Alert System about Organization's core documents like Rent Agreement, Lease agreement, Municipal Agreement etc.
•   Each and every Employee's Profile with Personal, Official, Remuneration, Dependent Details and History
•   Employee Pay-slip Generation / HR Approval and Accounts Approval.
•   Employee Leave Management / Loan Management along with special features like OT / LOP and Courtesy based Loan      Flexibility etc.
•   Bank Letter Generation for Salary Transfer.
•   Time & Attendance System can be integrated with portable terminals.
•   Provision calculation for Gratuity, Leave Salary and Ticket for Expatriates
•   Social Security Insurance Integration for Local Employees

Major Modules

•   Company Document Management
•   Employee Management
•   Pay-slip Management and Integration to Accounts
•   Gratuity, Leave Salary and Provision for Ticket Management (as per Labor Law)
•   OT/LOP/Loan/Leave Management
•   Time & Attendance Register

I.T. Consultancy

SMART Infotech provide result oriented value based IT services to our clients.
We formulate strategies with a professional approach that fit the nature of our client's business model and also meet existing and future requirements. Our consultants vast 20 years of experience with wide industry exposure in Trading, Money Exchange and Remittance, Human Resource, Education and Real estate can provide various software consultancy services to its clients. We can work on building customized software for your business needs. The model envisaged is more in terms of providing consultancy for bringing you technology solutions.

We help our clients to:

•   Formulate cost-effective IT strategies
•   Custom software development
•   Web based application
•   Kiosk based application
•   IT Project management
•   Database Design and Maintenance
•   Testing the software
•   UAEWPS ( UAE Central Bank Wage Protection System )
•   UAEFTS ( UAE Central Bank Fund Transfer System )
•   UAEDDS ( UAE Central Bank Direct Debit System )

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